FAQ International Moving

Let Interdell be a part of Your move out in the World


We want to be a part of your move

Moving to a new country can for many of us be one of the most exciting things you will experience. But how well you will prepair yourself for the move there will be questions. We have compiled some of the most frequent questions we are getting from our clients.

If you have any other questions don´t hesitate contacting us via phone or email.

Where can I request for a quote?
Use our rate request form Rate Request.

How long does it take Before I will have the quote?
We always try getting back to you within 1 working day. But for some destinations it might take longer.

What is a Pre-Move Survey?
At a Pre-Move Survey one of our crew will come home to you and make an estimate of the total volume. It also gives us a chance to look at the items if anyting will require special handling. You can also make a video of Your home and send it to us which is getting more common.

As an importer/exporter what is my job during the moving process?
Interdell will give you information and what documents you need to fill out. We will also give you guidlines and information about the general importregulations for the country you are moving to in order for you to be prepaired. Sometimes it might be a good idea to also contact the Embassy/consulate for more information. Make sure to read all information that we are sending you. If you have more questions dont hesitate to ask us.

Do I have to pay any duties and taxes when Moving abroad?
Most countries (but not all) in the World have free entry for moving cargo if you qualify. We will give you information when sending you our Quote.

Are there any additional charges?
THC (terminal handling charges), warehouse charges and broker charges in some countries must be paid at destination. We will clearly inform you if these charges are not inlcuded in our rate and how much you might have to pay at destination.

You will find all information of charges not inclued in our Quote.

Are there prohibited items that I cannot ship?
There are items that are prohibitited to ship and import. Read the information what the regulations are for the country you are moving to and follow the regulations. More information can also be obtained from Embassy or Consulate.

How will my items be transported?
Smaller volumes by sea will be shipped in wooden crates (Liftvans). Lager volumes by sea will be shipped in soule 20´or 40´ containers. Within the EU all our moves will be shipped with trucks by road (except for some destinations in the Mediterranean ocean). Small volumes and soul packages can be shipped by Air.

How will my items be packed/protected?
Smaller items will be packed into regular carbord boxes. Larger items such as furniture will be wrapped in bubble wrap of similar materials. At Interdell we use high end packing and wrapping materials to obtain best protection. 

Is it okey to pack my stuff myself?
You can pack Your items by yourself but ask us for instructions before you start. Use materials/boxes of good quality and without damages (preferable new moxes). If you pack yourself Interdell might not take responsibility for damages caused by insufficient packing/wrapping.

Is Insurance included?
Insurance is not included and must be booked separatly. The Insurance rate is based on the total Insurance value (cargo value + freight charges)

Rate Zones Rate% Min Rate Deductible
USA/Canada 1,590% 1250SEK 2 500 SEK
Europa 1,490% 1250SEK 2 500 SEK
Other countries 1,823% 1250SEK 2 500 SEK

Will my items be insured if I pack myself?
Our Insurance will also cover for damages if you have packed som items yourself. All of Interdell´s assignmenets are performed in accordance with the General Conditions for International Furniture removal.

 Can Interdell provide storage for my items if I need it?
Interdell offerts short tems storage solutions both at origin and at destination. Ask us for the charges in the country you are Moving to.

How do I pay for my move?
All payments must be made to our bank account. Our bank details will be sent together with our invoice.

Can Interdell charge my creditcar?
We do not charge creditcards. All payments must be made to our account.

How does Interdell calculate the rate for my international move?
The rate is based on origin country, destination country and volume of the shipment. We do not have fixed rates per volume since the rates change all the time. Send us full details about the items you want to ship so that we can make an estimate of the volume. Based on that a Quote will be issued and sent to you.

 Who will take care of my items at destination?
Interdell has agents all over the world. Our agent will handle the import and local tranpsortation and handling of your items to final address. Our partners are skilled and knows how to handle all imports. Our staff and partners will help and guide you. 

How long does it take to move?
Some of our freight require less days and some more days. 

Ocean Freight: 4 – 12 weeks 
Freight by road (EU): 3 – 10 Days
Air Freight: 4 – 12 Days

I have unpacked my items and some items are dameged?
Follow the instructions on the Insurance letter and file a claim directly to the Insurance Company. 

What do I do if items are missing?
Look through the items again and make sure that they are really missing. It is very rate that items disappear. Follow the instructions on the Insurance Letter and file a claim.

I want to ship a car. How do I do this?
Interdell handles vehicles from and to all over the World. Ask us for more information and we will guide Your through the process.

How can I estimate the volume of my items?
Either send us the information of your items by email or send us a video survey of the items. You can also fill out the attached form and send us Calculate Volume.



What is the rate for my upcoming international move?

Request a quote for your next international move.