Are you moving to Australia?


Move "down under" and feel home

Australia is one of the more popular countries Interdell provides service to. We have a lot of assignments shipped to Sydney with surrounding area in all NWS. But also Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Moving to Australia can be an amazing experience. Although it is the sixth largest country in the world at over 3 million square miles, it is only home to 21 million people, which ensures that natural beauty dominates over suburban landscapes (especially out of the main cities). The country boasts a diverse range of wildlife and nature and there are many species of animals and plants indigenous only to Australia. The pristine beauty of the country’s wilderness coupled with the abundance of wildlife is part of the country’s attraction for potential expats.

Moving to Australia provides the expat population with a very good quality of life. Life expectancy is high and stress is relatively low when compared with other countries in the world.


English is the official language spoken in Australian and you will have no problem communicating or conducting business when moving to Australia if you speak English. The population consists mostly of Caucasian (92%) and Asian (7%) with Aboriginal and other cultures accounting for just 1%.

Required Visa for moving to Australia

You need a valid Visa for moving to Australia as an expat. The Visa must be applied for at the Australian Embassy. It takes 3 - 4 month from application until your Visa is approved. For returning Citizens no Visa is required.


What is the rate for my upcoming international move?

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