Moving to Sweden from all over the world

Use our full moving service for your upcoming move from Origin to Sweden


A beatuful country with great opportunities

Interdell´s mobiliy service offers not only moves from Sweden to the world but also provides moving assignments from all over the world to Sweden. Sweden is a country full of opportunities of many aspects. We help both individuals and families to move here from USA, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand. The most common reason for moving to Sweden is work and studying but also people moving back to Sweden after living abroad.

If you are thinking about moving here you need to apply for a working permit at the Swedish Embassy or Consulate. The process is quite fast and takes at the most less then 3 month. 

The capital in Sweden is Stockholm which is a popular city for living. But there is also Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund and Linköping. All cities have well known Universities and plenty of work opportunities at both domestic and international corporations.